Tough weekend for the World RX champion in Germany

Tough weekend for the World RX champion in Germany

After an amazingly impressive and record-breaking season with victory after victory, PSRX Volkswagen World RX Team Sweden’s world champion Johan Kristoffersson missed out on yet another win at Estering in Germany. He fought hard all weekend but the fun came to an end in the semi-finals.

Johan Kristoffersson’s first race as world champion in the FIA World Rallycross Championship could not have differed more from the rest of his extraordinary season. The Swedish superstar fought to get his Polo GTI Supersport to a good start in the semi-final but lost it all in the traffic in the first corner.

He came to Estering after an impressive collection of ten podiums in a row, six victories in a row and the record of seven victories in one season – but left slightly disappointed.

”It wasn’t my weekend this time, but this incredible suite of victories has to end at some point” said Johan. ”But you know what, I’m still super happy about my season, what else could I be? It’s been fantastic and we still have one more race to go.”

While Johan struggled, his PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team-mate Petter Solberg managed to take fourth place and defend his second place in the championship – six days after undergoing surgery for a broken collarbone.

”This was Petter’s weekend. He’s a real hero now after what he has accomplished. I saw what went on behind the scenes, how much he wanted this and how hard he worked to make it to the free practice. Trust me, he really is the big hero” said Johan.

One round remains in the 2017 FIA World Rallycross Championship and it takes place at Killarney International Raceway in South Africa on November 10th.